Patient Reference Group

Terms of Reference

1. To provide a voice, as patients, on behalf of the population registered at Clapham Road Surgery.

2. To recognise the need to consult with the wider registered population at Clapham Road Surgery on some issues, where specific groups will need to be targeted for their views, e.g. children and young people, older people, people with disabilities, etc.

3. To achieve a dialogue between patient and practice so that some balance can be achieved between any conflicting aims and expectations.

4. To provide feedback for planning new services and evaluating existing ones.

5. To raise awareness to gaps in service and propose resolutions to help bridge gaps.

6. To provide a forum for trends in complaints to be discussed and proposals for resolution developed.

7. To hear reports of successes and praises the surgery and staff receive from patients.

8. To encourage involvement in health promotion and educational activities appropriate to people's health needs and understanding.

9. To provide resources of knowledge, skill and energy to help improve access for patients to primary health care.

10. To work with other agencies and bodies to improve the level and co-ordination of NHS health services for the population registered at Clapham Road Surgery

Clapham Road Surgery,
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Bedford, MK41 7PW

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