The Counterweight Programme is an evidence based weight management programme for adults

Counterweight is a novel programme of continuous improvement and lifestyle management which involves clinical staff in primary care participating in a competency based training and mentoring programme.

Counterweight promotes behavioural strategies which seek to change eating habits, activity levels, sedentary behaviours and thinking processes that contribute to a person being overweight or obese. The programme provides a range of options which promote active weight loss for 3 to 6 months followed by long term weight loss management and obesity management. Counterweight uses a structured approach to care and an interactive model of communication which is critical to empowering patients.

There is flexibility as to how the programme can be implemented, including in the type of weight management service preferred and the interventions or weight loss plans which are offered. On-going review of outcomes and continuous improvement enables Counterweight to be modified and improved over time.

Aims of the Counterweight Programme

  • To achieve and maintain medically valuable weight loss of 5-10% or 5-10kgs
  • To make sustainable changes to eating and physical activity behaviours
  • Long term weight loss maintenance
  • To improve health status

The Counterweight model is based on Counterweight Specialists (registered dietitians and nutritionists specialising in obesity management), working with Primary Care Trusts and Health Boards to train and support healthcare staff to to put the Counterweight Programme into practice.

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